Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

 I could not agree the statement that the change in food getting easier prepared makes the way people live better. This is because the following two reasons, happiness and health of people.

  First, eating means not only provide nutrition to one's body but also make the one happier. It is the fact that human could not be alive without feeding. However, what makes human more special is that human want to find happiness from all time in their life even in the time to preparing food. If cooking were just feeding nutrition, human might be just a type of animals. Moreover, food can be more delicious and more beautiful if the cook to make it his or her own energy and skill. It should take probably long time but it will be hopefully delicious.

  Second, fast food may have probable hazards. From a study, it is revealed that too high temperature of frying oil gets the oil ruined. If the cook try to make food in short time, he or she should maintain the temperature higher than the safe temparature. This is just a example. There are so many examples which implies that fastly cooked food may have much hazardaous matters. That is why I do not like to eat fast food. Fast food is good for your tongue, much bad for your body.

  I argue that easily prepared food could not help people life more improved with the reasons that I mentioned above. Even though I have not so much time to eat, I prefer to slowly prepare food which I eat than kinds of fast food.

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by snowall 2010. 3. 9. 20:45