Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Telephones and e-mail have made communication between people less personal.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

There are so many arguments that communication between people have become less personal with developing telephones and e-mail. Some people agree with the statement. However, it does not convince me because of the following reasons, broaden relationship and personalized tools.

First of all, we can find that with the development of telecommunication technics, relationship between people is becoming larger and stickier. For example, when there were not telephones, people should use letter on paper or person in order to communicate to some other person in distant location. However, in modern times after creation of telephone, we could easily talk to our friends by using mobile phone whenever and wherever we want. From technical development, personal communication would be stronger.

Secondly, personalized tools to comminucate between people would help the communication more personl. For example, electronic mail requires password to access to the main text. E-mail is not only one of the useful tools to send messages but also one of the secretized tools to hide them. Also, it is the proved fact that mobile phone with CDMA technology cannot be hacked by a malicious user. These tools support highly personalized communication. It could not be imagined without telephones or e-mail.

In conclusion, since they support people to communicate between members in personal relationships, telephone and e-mail sufficiently make it more personal. Therefore, I do not agree the statement to be mentioned above.

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by snowall 2010. 3. 13. 03:04