Do you agree of disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
It is controversial that the best teacher is parents. I think that parents can be the better teachers than any other teachers successfully. This is because of the importance of love of parents, role model for growth, and support to spirit.

First of all, in children education, it is well known that love is the most important factor. the love from his parents make him positive and aggressive. For example, comparing a child with no parents to a child with regular parents, one can found that a child with no parents tends to become more negative than a child with parents does. A teacher have to make children grown as well as teach them a textbook. This is why parents can become teachers because a child's parents give positive effects to the child.

Second, most people agree with the statement that children need the role model to help them grown well. A role model means a person who is so a good example for a child to follow. If a child does not have an appropriate role model, he will not be able to learn role and rule of the society. That might mean some kind of failure in education. In my opinion, a teacher as job could be a role model, but he may not be as good as parents. It is good for children that a role model is provided by the parents who best know the children.

At last, supporting a child's spirit cannot be replaced with any other than parents. The society has many hazards harmful for a child's weak spirit. However, if he is cheered up by the parents, he will be able to make himself much better than he or other imagine. Also, he should be able to avoid hazardous things in the society. A teacher in school should not support a child.

In conclusion, I argue that parents is the good teachers for the children because of above reasons.
by snowall 2007. 8. 7. 16:08