Game OST
    I am reading a book for differential geometry with listening Seiken Densetsu OST, the fantastic role-playing game music. It has some benefits for me to listen Game OST when studying. They are focusing on the book and activating my own brain.

    First, listening music can make me focus on reading the book. Unless loudly music, my ear is closed by music and no noise can put in my ear. Because noise provent for me to deeply think things, I do better it with music. That is a generally applied rule for any other kinds of music. However, the fantastic game OST has something special. It is generally known that story is the most important thing in composing parts of a fantastic role-playing game To make more intersting story, the maker of the game lets it include appropriate music. Appropriately included music also lets the players immersed into its story. From this reason, I believe that reading books with music is better than without music.

    Second, the fantastic game music gets my brain to become activated state. As you know, musics of the fantastic game are also fantastic. I like fantasy and fantastic novel. However, it is impossible to read only fantasy novels. Listening fantasy game musics can make the gap between fantastic moods and difficulty of academic books filled. That is why I prefer to listen musics from fantastic role-playing games. The musics of fantasy games is distinct from other genre musics in some points that I explain below. One is that they are not too loud and not too expressive. They should not prevent gamers to take a trip on a fantasy world. If they are loud and expressive, the gamers could not completely absorbed into the game and they do not satisfy the game. The other point is music itself. From a research, it is revealed that musics of Mozart make human brains into the state like meditation. In my opinion, that can be realized also by fantasy musics. The fantastic game musics are sometimes majestic, sometimes calm, or sometimes amusing. These features do things like Mozart musics to human brains. It is trivial that the brain in the activated state could understand anything to income. I argue that, at least in my case, the fantastic musics let my brain become activating. 

    In conclusion, listening musics is benefitial for me in some points. I can more focus on reading books because of canceling noise, and more deeply understand things of the books. Therefore I like to listen them.
by snowall 2010. 2. 20. 22:53
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    저도 공부할 때 음악을 적극적으로 활용하지요.
    음악을 틀어야 비로소 TV를 끄고 책상에 앉을 수 있거든요.ㅋㅋ

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      그중에서도 판타지 RPG가 좋은 것 같아요 ㅋㅋ

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    It ~ when studying -> It ~ while studying
    listen them -> listen to them