You need to travel from your home to place 40 miles (64 kilometers) away. Compare the different kinds of transportation you could use. Teel which method of travel you would choose. Give specific reasons for your choice.

There are many kinds of transportations to commute from my home to place to 40 miles away. In them, what I have are bicycle, train, and car. They have some positive points as well as negative ones.

First, a bicycle is so cheap for my financial state and helpful for my health. A bicycle can easily be bought in a bicycle store of my town. In my town, there are 10 or more stores to sell it. Because of competetion between the stores, I can find the cheapest bicycle whenever I want. Moreover, the city hall is supporting the campaign to ride a bicycle and to lend it. Additionally, I would become healthier with riding a bicycle. According to a research, riders who use bicycle for 2 hours a day have stronger heart than the others. These are positive points using a bicycle. On the other hand, there are negative points of using a bicycle. Riding a bicycle is definitely time consuming. If I go for 40 miles with a bicycle, it should take 2 hours or more. If I do not have time enough to enjoy riding, I could not choose it as a transportation. In addition, power consumption is one of considerable negative points. After riding it for 2 hours, not only I but any person should experience lack of stamina. In the case that I need to use my stamina for other tasks, I also would not make a choice to use it to travel there.

Secondly, I can use also public train. In the case of boarding train, the most important point is comfortability. When I use train, it mostly always has seats enough for almost all passengers to sit down. Also I can sit down on a seat. Its comfortability could not be compared to any other transportations. In addition to comfortability, train prevents time consuming. One of the reasons for people to board train is that the train shall depart and arrive on the time. Since it is possible to know arriving time, people could keep their schedules. Nonetheless of the positive points of using trains, some people point out their negative points, fixed departure time and crowded room. We cannot let a train begin to run for our personal reasons. If I am in a time-critical situation, I do not prefer train. Another negative point is that train’s passenger room is mostly always full of passengers. This is the point that I do not like because it lets me reserve the train. These points should be fixed or progresed in near future.

As the last choice, I can take my own car. A car is one of the best solutions to go somewhere I need to go. It provides silence and freedom. When I close the windows of my car, any noisy sound could not enter the car. Therefore, I can enjoy my trip with my favorite musics and sounds. Also I can take route to the goal as I want. If the route has heavy traffic, it might be changed. So I would like to ride my car. Even though there are many positive points of using a car, nonetheless, it has serious problems. High cost to buy a car and an origin of air polution. In order to get a car, it should be paid for about 10000 dollars. This is not so cheap for anyone to buy it using. Nowadays, to stimulate buying cars, motor companies propose many financial plans, but they might not be indeed solutions. Natural environment is also a considerable factor.

In sum, I take bicycle. This is because I want to make myself healthier and to contribute solve the environment problems. I truly believe that bicycle is the solution to help the travel.

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