*This posting is as an exercise for my writing an essay. Please let me know an error in this if you become aware.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
This is a sort of the questions in iBT TOEFL writing section. How to make an answer for these types?

I give a way to think and write to you in this posting.

Your essay should be logical, clear, and reasonable because TOEFL writing section is test for academic writing ablity. Do not be afraid of wrong logic. You can obtain as high score as you want.

Logical structure is given by statement and reson. Suppose that you argue that some birds cannot fly. Then you should provide reasons which support your statement. What can be resons? For example, you can say that Kiwi bird in Australia has devolutioned wings and they cannot fly. Write as follows :
Some bird cannot fly. For example, Kiwi bird in Australia has devolutioned wings and they are disabled to fly.

Clear phrase may be needed. Do not write a direct translation of Korean to English. It might make your brain twisted.
by snowall 2007. 1. 20. 19:46