Your personal statement should include information about how your background and life experiences, including social, economic, cultural, familial, educational, or other opportunities or challenges motivated you to pursue a graduate degree.

I will be a physicsist. Physics is most elementary among many fields of natural science. The law of physics affects everywhere and everything from motion of the universe to culture of the human. Even though many problems in physics has been solved, there are still many physics problems to be solved as well. I want to be a physicist to study the problems.

In my early childhood, I was interested in stars and galaxies in the sky. As growing, I noticed that the physical law of the universe dominates them, so I chose to study physics because I wanted to know the law. In Chung-ang university, I found my mathematical talent and majored in physics and mathematics. I like physics more than mathematics because physics can be proven by experiments whereas mathematics can not. To study deeper physics, I entered graduate school for master’s degree of physics. In the graduate school, I studied both theoretical and experimental physics. This experience lead me to experimental laboratory, Advanced Photonics Research Institute. In the institute, I performed various tasks, for example, installation and operation of particle spectrometer, alignment and diagnosis of high power laser, and aquisition and analysis of signal data, the results from which were published to papers and patents.

However, the job assigned to me was just to assist experiments and I could not take a chance to organize experiments with my proper idea. I suggested new optimization methods and processes and they were accepted. Although the suggestion made indeed improvement, it was not evaluated as my contribution because I was regarded as a technician, which supports senior researchers. It is not bad to assist researches, but it is more interesting and exciting for me to lead the researches. I want to propose and perform my proper theory and experiment. 

In order to be an independant scientist, I need to be trained professionally and to get Ph. D.. I can not be more passionable than now. My preparation is enough for advanced studying in graduate school. I can propose my theory and suggest experiment to prove it for a given physical problem. 


by snowall 2011. 12. 31. 22:41