gnuplot에서 그리스 문자의 이탤릭(기울임꼴) 넣는 방법. 검색하면 일반 문자의 기울임꼴 넣는 방법도 나온다. 사실은 Symbol-Oblique 를 Times-Italic 등으로 바꾸면 된다는...
set xlabel '{/Symbol-Oblique a} Temperature'

This is documented, albeit obscurely, in "help set term postscript":

    In addition to the standard postscript fonts, an oblique version of the
    Symbol font, useful for mathematics, is defined. It is called

That won't help you for terminal types other than PostScript, however.
In general the answer to all font questions is "it depends on the fonts
you have installed on your system".
Ethan A Merritt

by snowall 2008. 2. 26. 23:03